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Plants In Office - Piece Of Art?

Comments (0)Published by Louise Scott on February 11 2014 05:47 in Floristry | General | GRP Planters | Interior Design | Interior Landscaping | Landscape Architecture
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We all know the numerous health benefits, and benefits to employers in having plants in buildings but what other benefits do they have?


Plants in planters really are like a work of art, like a beautiful piece of furniture, something that will be truly admired by visitors, will make clients feel like they are speaking to a successful company.

They will also cost the company much less than a beautiful piece of furniture or some fantastic piece of art.

Think about it, if you want to do a deal with a certain company and visit a few companies to discuss your requirements and one of the companies stands out, not only by the deal on the table but by the way you were treated when you visited, by the way that you saw the staff being treated, by a nice atmosphere, then, who are you going to work with going forward.


Look at this image, see how smart it looks, who wouldn’t want to work in an office like this? Get this image in front of every office manager, facilities manager, and house keeper you can think of and show them how beautiful plants in pots can be. 



ABOVE: Curvy Double S (CURDS01) in Key Lime Green

New Composite Image / Photomontage Service

Comments (0)Published by Louise Scott on January 24 2014 09:07 in Floristry | General | GRP Planters | Interior Design | Interior Landscaping | Landscape Architecture
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Do you ever wish you could show your customers what their office / hotel / reception area would look like with beautiful planters and convince them how much it would enhance the area. Not just with all the health benefits but how truly beautiful it will look too.


At Livingreen Design we are now able to offer you that service bringing your scheme vividly to life and giving you the edge over your competitors. Simply send us a picture of the area (guidelines apply), tell us what planter*, colour and plant you would like to see and we will create the image for you. There will be a small charge of £20 per image for this service but if the customer goes on to purchase the planters then this charge will be credited off the order**. PERFECT! 


Another great service from a supplier who thinks of your needs! 

You can email one of our design team below to send any orders or queries about this service and they will send you a guidelines packet for the service.


[Louise Scott]



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* Livingreen Design Planters only

** Minimum order of £500 (excluding delivery and VAT) to receive the image credit