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Not Just Planters .. Terminal 5 Bespoke Sculptures

Comments (0)Published by Louise Scott on December 11 2013 06:43 in General | GRP Planters | Landscape Architecture
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Livingreen Design were approached a few weeks ago to create a free standing T and 5  for use with the Christmas display outside of Heathrow’s Terminal 5 building. We were given a week to create the whole project and as this was an incredibly tight turnaround that the entire project was produced out of normal hours. The full team committed to the extra work and got straight on the project  The idea was passed by  us and our graphics assistant then mocked up how it would look as the display was required to be 2.5 metres tall and the clients were having difficulty picturing the concept.


Once they agreed to the look of the planters our CAD technician then drew up 3D models and technical drawings for production. The technician had to include a steel pole structure so that the planters wouldn't fall over in a high gust of wind, as glass fibre is incredibly lightweight. Each mould was then constructed by hand by our experienced workshop technicians and so that the planter’s construction could begin. After, 90 hours of hard and enduring labour we were then able to texture them in our standard Brilliant White finish. Once dry we then wrapped them with great care and it took 8 men to load them into a truck for delivery; our technical director then drove from Edinburgh all the way down to Heathrow to deliver them personally, on site at 10pm on a Sunday.






Kubik LED Planter

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This wonderful Kubik LED Planter is now available to order on the website today. It is a great addition inside or out. This planter would bring the feeling of warmth to those long cold winter nights. The lights within the planter can be whatever you specify, you can have a number of lights not just the 3 pictured. Why not have a look now and order a magnificently made planter now.