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New Product Launch : Musa

Comments (0)Published by Louise Scott on May 13 2014 10:37 in Floristry | General | GRP Planters | Interior Design | Interior Landscaping | Landscape Architecture
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This week we bring you the MUSA


Beautiful shape in 3 sizes and an elegant lip.


Suits our new coloured leaf finishes which are also being launched today..





You can find larger images of the coloured leaf finishes within the finishes folder in our image library (under the resources tab).

All of these finishes are available on all planters with the option of gold and silver leaf.

Ask for further details.







It's time to get excited! The UK's market leader in planter design and manufacture has been working hard to bring you the NEXT GENERATION of professional planters and finishes. Are you getting disappointed with being shown the same thing time and again? Very beautiful expensive planters or very cheap, but nasty planters? Yes? Then you have to keep watching out for our new releases. We are bringing you fantastic products to the market so your client has more choices tailored towards their budget, with high quality finishes and design.


Our biggest ever new collection will be released over the next 4 months, launching at least 1 new range a week across all media, with each range going live for ordering on our website as soon as it is released.

Each range will be backed up with it's own new brochure page in the Livingreen Design style, downloadable from the RESOURCES tab on the website and suitable for immediate use on Laptops and Tablets. Each new range will be added to the last building up into a new supplement catalogue before the launch of a brand new catalogue incorporating all our products later this year.

You can't afford to miss this, the biggest range launch in our history. These planters will become the next industry leaders and YOU can be the FIRST to see them. Throughout the whole of MAY we are holding an OPEN MONTH at our factory in Edinburgh and are inviting customer visits by appointment for special previews of all the new products. 


You will see:-

- Our newly refurbished Showroom featuring all the new planter ranges

- Our incredible selection of new replica plants, many handmade to order

- Amazing new finishes that have to be seen to be believed

- Tours of the factory production areas - see how your planters are genuinely 100% handmade here in the UK with nothing imported from China or the Far East, supporting British jobs and exports

- PLUS - stay over and we can arrange special tours of our neighbour, Stewart Brewing, or some of the many other attractions in one of Europe's most beautiful cities.


Drive or Fly - we will pick you up from the airport and arrange hotels - 

you just need to get here!

 Each company will be given our full attention on an individual basis so to help us plan please let us know you would be interested visiting by CLICKING HERE. We will be in touch to arrange your visit.


Missed our previous launches? Have a look at them here:-

- The Hexik which is part of the Spirit range of planters combining cutting edge modern design with great pricing





- The Dhow planter which is part of the Avant Garde range; boat style planters that are inspired by the curves of Arabian trading boats.



Night and Day planters with their elegant versatile shape combined with colour and finish options insures a unique design every time. 


Want even more up to the minute news? Click here and like our Facebook page

Remember, we are offering points for every order placed through the website, you can use these points towards future orders OR spend them on goods including a WEEKEND IN EDINBURGH. So, log on today, let me know and I will allocate you the trade price list and you can start collecting points today. 



You will need to LOGIN for prices so make sure you sign up to our website.

Interior & Exterior Barrier Planters

Comments (0)Published by Louise Scott on March 12 2014 05:35 in Floristry | General | GRP Planters | Interior Design | Interior Landscaping | Landscape Architecture
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We have an extensive range of barrier planters which can be used in exterior or interior environments. These barriers are available in sizes for window boxes, freestanding barrier planters or any length that can fit in an artic lorry = 5m long!


If you would like a barrier but our sizes aren’t quite what you’re looking for then let us know your specifications and we can build to your bespoke size.


Our range of finishes are ones that our competitors are enviable of. We can create our planters in any of the natural finishes we offer: aged lead, corten steel, sandstone, terracotta or blue copper. Moving away from the natural appearances we have a wide selection of standard paint colours and we can use any RAL colour you could specify; these can be applied in a polished, matt, satin or textured finish. If you’d like to be a bit wilder we have metallics, pearlescents, stardusts, dapples, vintages and gold/silver leafing.


There really are a multitude of choices so there shouldn’t be any reason why you couldn’t buy from us.



Phone us on +44 (0)131 440 9804 or send us an email at  or order straight from the website.




Happy New Year!!

Comments (0)Published by Louise Scott on January 13 2014 07:20 in Floristry | General | GRP Planters | Interior Design | Interior Landscaping | Landscape Architecture
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Hope you are all full of plans and excitement for the year ahead!!


At Livingreen Design we are busy making plans and working on new products and new ideas as well as an expansion.

To keep up with all the latest news and to make sure you don’t miss any of our product launches this year log onto We will be using the website a lot more this year so get yourself logged onto it and why not use it to make and track your orders. NOT ONLY THAT!! But you can earn points. You can use the points against future orders, or this year we will be introducing lots of Scottish based gifts. Including a weekend in Edinburgh!! One of the most beautiful cities in the world!! DON’T MISS OUT, REGISTER NOW

Have a look at the RESOURCES tab on the website and see all the information leaflets that will help you win the contracts! As well as our brochure; see the garden designer brochure to help with the outside spaces.

Keep up to date with news as it happens on Facebook and Twitter. Check out our information on ESI including some case studies. 


We are busy working on making your year brighter!! 

Gold Leafing

Comments (0)Published by Louise Scott on October 29 2013 03:52 in Floristry | General | GRP Planters | Interior Design | Landscape Architecture
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Here we have one of our highly trained staff applying Gold Leaf to a Yang planter. Gold leafing is all done by hand in the UK and is suitable for most of our products.

Gold Leaf Planters

Comments (0)Published by Karen Sawyer on January 10 2012 16:45 in

As I was leaving the office tonight I saw some gold leaf planters being finished off in our work shop. This is going to be a new finish for 2012 so this is a real sneak preview.

We will be able to finish all of our ranges like this. All hand applied in our work shops in the UK. I will post some complete photos when finished. Can you imagine such a beautiful labour intensive finish being processed in the UK, These planters will be heading off to Jordan as soon as they are finished off at the end of this week. 

Support British manufacturing and British jobs and enquire about these beautiful planters, well, not just these planters but any of our planters in this fantastic finish.